Data Analytics

Mining business intelligence that drives results.

Action-Based Insights Using Strategically Grounded Analysis

Actionable analysis involves understanding the connections between the data from your analytics tool, your business objectives and best practices. Appsec bridges those connections by focusing analysis efforts on strategically grounded business and marketing questions, allowing companies to measure key business drivers such as marketing effectiveness and return on investment.

Marketing Analytics For Strategic Decision-Making

Marketing effectiveness is built over time, through end-to-end analysis of paid, owned, and earned marketing efforts. It requires not only the right data, but the right analysis of that data: analysis grounded in strategic business questions. Appsec will help you vet the right questions to guide optimization across all points in the customer experience. Each clients’ needs are different, but may include performance analysis questions such as:

  1. How each channel supports your marketing funnel, and what gaps may exist
  2. Which messaging resonates with each of your audience segments
  3. How landing pages effectively move customers into the site
  4. Which content engages your customers
  5. What the optimal path to conversion looks like

Appsec works with your marketing stakeholders to inform creative, content and marketing mix strategies that generate the highest return on your investment.

Turning Instinct And Assumptions Into Knowledge

We are truly puzzle-solving extraordinaires who revel in the challenge of analyzing complex data sets and shedding light on your most confounding business issues. Our analysis services range from team augmentation to ad hoc projects such as developing automated, prescriptive reports that will inform future business decisions or exploratory deep dives such as uncovering behavioral consumer insights