Cloud Services

Cloud solutions is the new buzz word and is quickly becoming the preferred IT model for many businesses. But, we need to carefully architecture and deployed with strong security and access controls.

Appsecoffers full spectrum of digital, analytics and Cloud Services. Cloud technology will have different affects for different companies based on their needs. We atAppsec understands the goals of each organization and helps to achieve them.

Why AppSec IT?

Appsec IT partnership with leading players such as AWS, Azure and Google in the Cloud Space combined with proven services and project delivery capability; can enable you to move the right workload to the cloud, rapidly modernizing and integrating applications to make them future ready.

  1. Our Expertise IBS expert engineers have extensive experience helping small businesses make the move to the cloud.
  2. AWS / GCP / Azure Our cloud engineers have extensive experience with all major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.
  3. Serverless Infrastructure Having a room full of servers to manage can be a huge headache and a major money pit. In many cases, we're able to move companies to a serverless infrastructure which not only saves them money and reduces stress, but increases employee collaboration and productivity.
  4. Security: When moving your business to the cloud one of the most important things to keep in mind is security. We have the expertise and knowledge to help make sure your business's infrastructure and data is as secure as possible.
  5. Hybrid Infrastructure For some businesses it makes sense to maintain both an onsite and cloud IT infrastructure. For these cases we're able to help your business seamlessly integrate these structures as if they were all in the same place.
  6. Migrations So your business is looking to move to the cloud, but how do you get there? Propel Technology's team of expert cloud engineers will work with you to both architect and implement your cloud migration.
  7. File Sharing One of the first steps a business does to move to the cloud is move their company's shared files. While it sounds straightforward, it can be a tricky move. Propel is here to help you make that move as seamless as possible.

Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud

It's not all buzzwords - there are real benefits for moving your business to the cloud.

  1. Security: When you move your infrastructure to a major cloud provider like AWS, GCP, or Azure, you can rest assured knowing your data is safe. These cloud providers are heavily secured, equipment is constantly monitored, and almost always more secure than your typical onsite infrastructure.
  2. Disaster recovery: When you move to the cloud, backups & disaster recovery becomes a whole lot easier. All major cloud providers offer first-class data backups, VM snapshots, and disaster recovery solutions at a fraction of the cost of your typical BDR solution.
  3. Increased collaboration: When you move your business to the cloud, your team's collaboration abilities will go through the roof! You can access your cloud services from anywhere with any device, without having to deal with tricky VPN setups.
  4. Flexibile&Scalable: Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses that are growing or have fluctuating needs. If your needs change, it's extremely easy to scale your cloud capacity up or down.